Discovering Drawing

One of my friends designs beautiful jewelry and creates fascinating oil paintings influenced by her Persian roots. One day, inspired by her passionate work I decided to try my hand at drawing.

We have a drawing in our living room that I’ve always liked. It shows a little boy bathing. So, I took it off the wall, sat down, placed it in front of me and started drawing what I saw. About an hour later I was finished – here it is:

(For the record: this is a drawing of another drawing that I own. I drew it myself but it’s not an original piece of art of mine. I did it for the purpose of studying.)

I was very pleased with the result. At the same time I was completely surprised. I have no idea where this came from. I did not know that I was able to draw. Anyway, the more important discovery was that I felt really good. I had enjoyed the process very much and I decided to keep studying.

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