Attempting Watercolor

After a few days of drawing class I was hooked. I wanted to learn more and experiment with other media. So I signed up for another of Joe MacKechnie’s classes, “Painting for the Fun of It” and tried watercolor painting. Watercolor (they say) is one of the most challenging media. I did not know that when I started 🙂  It sometimes frustrates me but then again I like the challenge. For the next three days I’ll attend a work shop with Bev Jozwiak. I really admire her paintings and I am very excited about the opportunity to study with her. Wish me luck.

Here are my first few humble attempts at watercolor painting:

Pears – Watercolor – May 2011


For the record: the painting of the little boy walking in the rain is from a book I own. I painted it but it is NOT an original creation of mine. I copied it from the book solely for the purpose of studying the technique of watercoloring.

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