Loosening Up (Jakob’s World)

Here is what I produced yesterday during the first day of Bev’s workshop. I tried to loosen up and paint a little more fearless. (I usually am very hesitant and think about every single brush stroke.)   Bev’s bold, fast and fearless approach to watercolor painting encouraged me to try the same. Of course she has 20 years of experience and I only about three months but you have to dare otherwise one doesn’t learn anything. So, dare to mess up. There is no wrong or right, really.

My painting did not turn out as I had imaging it when I started but I am happy with the result. Another lesson learned – go with the flow (with watercolor that sometimes means literally) and accept the outcome.

“Jakob’s World” | Watercolor | 09/2011

3 thoughts on “Loosening Up (Jakob’s World)

  1. Tatiana Flores

    I like it. Very nice!, excellent!. Now I see that it has been 2 years ago since you took the Bev´s workshop, I would like to see your progress.
    Best regards.

    1. jutta Post author

      Hello Tatiana, sorry for the delayed response. I haven’t been posting for a long time. I can’t show you any more watercolor paintings as I have focused on drawing and sculpting. It’s very time consuming to do all of it and I had to make a decision. Eventually though I might pick it up again. Best, Jutta

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