Portrait – Drawing and Sculpting (Ear)

As a follow-up to yesterday’s post – a few construction drawings of the ear and a photo of the sculpted ear:

BTW – the lines around the ear are not supposed to be earrings, they are construction lines demonstrating the shape of the object – and the plane changes,  they show how the form turns in space.

3 thoughts on “Portrait – Drawing and Sculpting (Ear)

    1. julibre Post author

      Thanks – yes, you’re right, the ear was definitely the most difficult feature of the head. It took me some time to understand the intricate form of the ear. Drawing it, however, was somehow more difficult to me than sculpting, not sure why.

      1. ImJeffHanson

        You’re welcome! And assuming you drew it first maybe you gained an understanding of the intricate form of the ear, thus it was easier to sculpt because you already understood what you were sculpting! :p

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