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My First Time

In January this year I was part of my first art show ever. I showed a drawing in the self-portrait exhibition at Gage. It was not easy to make the next step and show a drawing publicly. Massive self doubts crept up, what might others say or think – you know. BTW showing your art in a gallery space (hanging physically on a wall) is different from posting it online – after all you might run into someone who actually knows you 🙂

It’s difficult enough to show for the first time but to show a self portrait for starters was even harder. Anyway, I did it – here I hang:



The show was judged. I didn’t win anything. But, my drawing actually hung right next to the first place winner and one away from the second place winner. I’m taking this as a good sign – and encouragement to keep going.  🙂


Woman Standing

Some time ago I visited the Leopold Museum. They have the largest collection of Egon Schiele paintings. They also show some paintings of Gustav Klimt.

This small sketch (11.5″x 6″) is inspired by the work of these masters. It’s part of my experimenting with posture and color.

Woman Standing | Watercolor on Paper | 09/2011

Discovering Drawing

One of my friends designs beautiful jewelry and creates fascinating oil paintings influenced by her Persian roots. One day, inspired by her passionate work I decided to try my hand at drawing.

We have a drawing in our living room that I’ve always liked. It shows a little boy bathing. So, I took it off the wall, sat down, placed it in front of me and started drawing what I saw. About an hour later I was finished – here it is:

(For the record: this is a drawing of another drawing that I own. I drew it myself but it’s not an original piece of art of mine. I did it for the purpose of studying.)

I was very pleased with the result. At the same time I was completely surprised. I have no idea where this came from. I did not know that I was able to draw. Anyway, the more important discovery was that I felt really good. I had enjoyed the process very much and I decided to keep studying.